Date of Birth: 31st May 1983
Film director

Ken Ochiai made his first film at age 12. Immediately following his high school graduation, he left his hometown of Tokyo, Japan, to pursue his dream of becoming a film director in the United States.
His first feature film, “Tiger Mask” (based on a legendary Japanese comic book series), was released in the fall of 2013 in several Asian countries. His second feature film, “Uzumasa Limelight” was released in 2014. It won the Chevel Noir (Best Picture) and for Best Actor at the Fantasia International Film Festival, the Crystal Heart Award at the Heartland Film Festival, two audience awards at the New York Asian Film Festival, and Camera Japan in Holland.
He was honored with the title of New American Filmmaker at the Hawaii International Film Festival, and received the Young Alumni Award from the USC Asian Pacific Alumni Association in recognition of his achievements in filmmaking.
His latest feature film “Saigon Bodyguard” (2017) made a smash hit in Vietnam and released also in Japan.

◆Angel Sign [Wakareto Hajimari] (2019)
◆Seven Days of a Daddy and a Daughter | Papa to Musume no Nanokakan (2019)
◆Saigon Bodyguard (2017)
◆Ninja The Monster (2015)
◆Uzumasa Limelight (2014)
◆The Tiger Mask (2013)

Short Film
◆Dance Dance Dance (2015)
◆Dosukoi Musical (2015)
◆Juliet Juliet -The Sound of Love Musical- (2014)
◆Memory Sculptor (2013)
◆Miyuki’s Wind Bell (2011)
◆Frog In The Well (2010)
◆Blood Ties (2010)
◆Half Kenneth (2009)

TV Commercial
◆Nintendo [FIRE EMBLEM Heroes]
◆US Census
◆TOKYU Homes [Familissimo]
◆Japan Tourism Agency [Visit Japan]

◆The World of Mockbusters (2010)

Music Video

◆Directors Guild of America | Special Jury Prize
◆Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia | Best Picture in Japan section
◆New Kamakura Film Festival | Fine work
◆Sapporo International Short Film Festival | Best Edit
◆LA Film Festival | Best Music Video
◆Firstglance Film Festival in LA | The Award for International Short Film
◆WorldFest Houston International Film Festival | Best Short Film
◆The 18th Fantasia International Film Festival | Chevel Noir (Best Picture)


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