Date of Birth: 29th August 1974
Film director

Miki’s first independent film “Aozora” won the Grand Prize at Waseda Indies Film Festival when he was a student of Waseda University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
After graduation, he started to direct for many music videos for famous Japanese musicians and won many awards such as MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS JAPAN 2005 | Grand Prize. He widened direction activity to Television commercials, short films, and TV dramas.
In 2009 at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, his mobile movie “Sunaoni naretara” performed by singer JUJU feat. Spontania won the Golden Award in Media section.
In 2010, his first feature film “Solanin” was released. His second feature film “We Were There | Bokura ga ita” was released in two parts. The second part was released few weeks after the first part, which was the initial attempt of its kind in Japan.
Also Miki’s first challenge to direct mystery genre was the TV drama series “Partner in Darkness | Yami no Bansosha” which was broadcasted in 2015.

◆The Door into Summer | Natsueno Tobira (2021)
◆Your eyes tell | Kiminomega Toikaketeiru (2020)
◆Omoi Omoware Furi Furare (2020)
◆Fortuna no Hitomi (2019)
◆Kids on the Slope | Sakamichi no Apollon (2018)
◆Teacher! | Sensei! (2017)
◆Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday's You | Boku wa Asu, Kinou no Kimi to Date Suru (2016)
◆Yell For The Blue Sky | Aozora Yell (2016)
◆Have a Song on Your Lips | Kuchibiru ni Uta o (2015)
◆Blue Spring Ride | Aoharaido (2014)
◆Hot Road (2014)
◆Girl In The Sunny Place | Hidamari no Kanojo (2013)
◆We Were There: Part 2 | Bokura ga Ita Kohen (2012)
◆We Were There: Part 1 | Bokura ga ita Zenpen (2012)
◆Control Tower | Kanseitou (2011)
◆Solanin (2010)

◆SHISEIDO / BENEFIQUE [The skin cares in reset time] (2018)
◆SHISEIDO / MA CHERIE [Eien toiunano Hana] (2017)
◆Panahome (2013)
◆MIZUNO RUNNING (2012&2013)
◆SHISEIDO / MAQuillAGE (2010)
◆WAO Corporation / Kobetsu shido Axis (2009)
◆Otsuka Beverage / MATCH (2008)

TV Drama Series
◆Partner in Darkness -The requirement for a chief editor- | Yami no Bansosha -Henshucho no Joken- (WOWOW / 2018)
◆Partner in Darkness | Yami no Bansosha (WOWOW / 2015)
◆Irodori HIMURA (TBS / 2012)
◆Dragon Seinendan (TBS&MBS / 2012)
◆Fujiko F. Fujio no Parallel Space [Aitsu no Time Machine] (WOWOW / 2008)

Short Film
◆Soredemonao dekirukotonosubeteo kimini (2015)
◆Sorairo Monogatari [Niji to Shimauma][Nike to Katatsumuri][Ari to Koibumi][Osama to Hitsuji] (2012)
◆Happy! School Days! [Hello Goodbye] (LISMO! / 2010)
◆Sunaoni naretara (2008)
◆Yasashii Aka (2008)
◆pieces of love vol.2 [It’s so quiet.] (2008)

Music Video
◆Tatsuro Yamashita
◆Kaera Kimura
◆Ken Hirai
◆Ko Shibasaki
◆Shota Shimizu
◆Galileo Galilei
◆back number
and more.

◆WASEDA Indies film festival | Grand Prize
◆SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards 2005 | BEST POP VIDEO
◆Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2009 | Golden Award in Media section
◆DENTSU Award 2009 | Grand Prize in Cross Media Mobile section
and more.


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