Date of Birth: 27th September 1982
Movie director, scenarist and actress

From 1997 Inomata started her career as a fashion model and actress. Her directional career began in 2001 from shooting short films and music videos.
In 2006, her first feature film “Humoresque: Sakasama no Chou” was released. Since then Inomata has created collaboration movies for fashion brands and companies, and has been writing movie reviews for magazines. Recently, she is making a new film of which she also wrote the script.

◆Humoresque: Sakasama no Chou (2006) *d*s
◆17 sai (2003) *s

Short Film
◆VOGUE JAPAN [A Holy Night Stranger](2017) *d
◆4℃ BRIDAL Christmas campaign [The craftsman] (2017) *d
◆VOGUE JAPAN × The Woolmark Company (2017) *d
◆FOD [Saihaterebi] #6[Melody] (2017) *d*s
◆Google Arts & Culture [Made in Japan : Nihon no Takumi] Satsumakiriko (2017) *d
◆MICHAEL KORS [The Walk] IN TOKYO #SidewalkSpotted × VOGUE JAPAN (2016) *d
◆Max Mara [Spirit of Colors] × VOGUE JAPAN (2016) *d
◆10 things to do in Tokyo with Camille Sey doux for Vogue Japan (2016) *d
◆Siharuo Matou Onnatachi (2015) *d
◆Marry together (2014) *d*s
◆Haruichiban, Fuku! (2013) *d*s
◆Recommencer (2012) *d*s
◆Crying for the Moon (2008) *d*s
◆Slow Map (2005) *d*s
◆Nathalie (2003) *d
◆Wednesday (2003) *d*s
◆MILD7 (2003) *d*s
◆Nao to Boku (2003) *d*s
and more.

TV Drama Series
◆Chinzanso Hotel #9 [Egaowo wasureta Idol] (ABC / 2003) *s

Music Video
◆Yurifa Matsumoto [Beautiful] (2016) *d
◆Eiji Kawai [Kagero] (2015) *d
◆Jara Ezo [Get Over It] (2015) *d
◆Droog [In A Ghost World] (2014) *d
◆PrizmaX [take me] (2014) *d
◆TEI TOWA [A.O.R.] (2008) *s
◆Snow [Hanabi made atosukoshi] [Sakasama no Chou] (2005) *d
◆Tobaccojuice [Hoshi no yoru] (2004) *d

◆SHISEIDO NomuHada-care [#KOJIHARU HAJIMERU!] (Interview / 2016) *d
◆Metropolitana [Far from Cannes] (Magazine / 2014-2015) *c
◆LARRY IN A MANSION vol.1-2 (Gentosha Comics / 2008-2009) *os
◆[Switch] [WWD] [& premium] (Magazine) *c
and more.

*d=director, *s= scenarist, *c=column writer, *os=original story writer

◆Himokawa Rhapsody (2014)
◆Der rote punkt | Akai ten (2009)
◆Akumu tantei (2007)
◆Rainbow song | Niji no megami (2006)
◆Kyoshin (2004)
◆Tengoku no Honya: Koibi (2004)
◆17 sai (2003)
◆Shibito no koiwazurai (2001)
◆Souseiji (1999)

TV Drama Series
◆Odaiba wangan TV (Fuji TV / 2006)
◆STAND UP!! #6 (TBS / 2003)d
◆Mayonaka no Ohkoku (NHK-BS2 / 2003)
◆Koigashitai Koigashitai Koigashitai (TBS / 2001)
◆R-17 (tv asahi / 2001)
◆Kabachitare! (Fuji TV / 2001)
◆Taiyou wa shizumanai (Fuji TV / 2000)
◆Heisei meoto jyawan: Dokechi no hanamichi (Nihon TV / 2000)
◆Shingo Katori 31 Jan. 2000 (Fuji TV / 1999)
and more.

Music Video
◆KIRINJI [Shinsuishiki] (2014)


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